The Justice & Prevention Research Center (JPRC) has been working with the Minnesota Department of Corrections (MN DOC) as the external evaluator for the Minnesota Statewide Initiative to Reduce Recidivism (MNSIRR) Grant. The DOC is engaging in an effort to reduce recidivism across the state by using the best correctional practices throughout all systems and programs, offer opportunities to change programming to men and women in the system, and target the people and places where recidivism rates are highest.

Over the course of the evaluation, the JPRC will engage in formative evaluation tasks to help the MN DOC assess their progress on MNSIRR grant activities.  These evaluation tasks include:

  • Develop a logic model to display grant activities in relation to reducing recidivism
  • Interview community service providers who have experienced the Correctional Program Checklist assessment process with DOC staff
  • Implement a pre and post survey of participants who attended the MN DOC’s Evidenced Based Practices Academy
  • Survey of Carey Guide users